Founder's Message

Cameron College is the realization of a life-long ambition to establish an educationally sound alternative to the traditional four-year post-secondary education. It is our intention to strive for a standard of excellence in training for skills, personal development, and work ethics that will fulfill the needs of the community we serve.

We are in a position to influence and direct the futures of the students under our tutelage. This responsibility requires dedication and perseverance. To have a part in molding an individual into a self-reliant, responsible member of society requires exceptional abilities and characteristics. The staff at Cameron College has the professional skills and attitudes to accomplish these goals.

It is my sincere desire that our graduates begin their careers with the confidence that comes from having received a quality education; and this, coupled with their own ambitions, will lead to self-satisfying, rewarding futures in the business and medical communities.

Eleanor W. Cameron (1930-2015)



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